Quarterly $500 Travel Awards for Scientific Posters and Podium Presentation Abstracts


The Force and Motion Foundation offers up to ten $500 travel awards each quarter to assist students with costs for travel to scientific conferences. The travel awards are open to applicants worldwide. To apply, you will need either a poster for a poster session or an abstract for a podium presentation.


To Apply:


1. Upload a scientific poster or abstract related to multi-axis force measurement and testing to the Force and Motion Foundation website. PDF format is required. Only posters or podium presentation abstracts that have been accepted into a conference may be submitted. If your abstract includes figures they can be in the abstract file that you upload. Posters and abstracts from past conferences are eligible as long as the applicant is a currently enrolled student.


2. Complete a travel award application, including a text abstract of up to 250 words. The text abstract must be submitted in English; for poster submissions, the preferred language is English but other languages are acceptable.


All submitted materials will be judged by the Foundation review board based on quality, contribution, and innovation. Travel award recipients will be posted on the Foundation's Facebook page and Twitter feed, and will be notified at the email address associated with their user account. Travel awards are expressly for students enrolled at a university at the time of the award (the end of the calendar quarter when the application was submitted).



2014-2015 $10,000 Academic Scholarship

Type: Academic scholarship
Value: $10,000

Funded By: AMTI (www.AMTI.biz)
Number of $10,000 scholarships: 3
Application cycle begins: August 11, 2015
Application deadline: January 11, 2015
Awardees announced: January 30, 2015

Application Requirements

The Foundation will consider Scholarship applications for research in either of the following areas:

  1. Biomechanics research using multi-axis force measurement.
  2. Multi-axis orthopaedic joint testing.

All awarded funds will be transferred to the appropriate department at the recipients’ academic institutions. Current US restrictions on non-profit organizations require that all applicants be actively enrolled students at a US or international university. Scholarship funds must be directly applied to qualified higher education expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies or equipment required for enrollment or attendance at the academic institution. Scholarship funds cannot be used to support travel costs or salaries.


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